Supported architectures

ERIKA Enterprise works on a number of CPU architectures and embedded boards. In particular, ERIKA supports the following architectures:


ERIKA v3 currently support various single and multicores architectures, such as:

  • Kalray MPPA (16 clusters of 16 cores each), as part of the UpScale SDK;
  • AVR8 8 bit - Arduino Uno;
  • ARM Cortex A5x (64 bit, as a JailHouse inmate on NVidia Tegra X1/X2 and Xilinx Ultrascale+);
  • Intel x86-64;
  • ARM Cortex M;
  • Infineon Tricore AURIX 2xx and 3xx;
  • Renesas RH850;
  • ARM Cortex R5 (on Xilinx Ultrascale+);

A complete list of supported devices for ERIKA3 is available here.


ERIKA Enterprise v2 currently supports a number of architectures and compilers, including:

  • ARM Cortex M/R/A;
  • Infineon Tricore AURIX;
  • NXP PowerPC, S12;
  • Renesas RH850, RL78, RX200;
  • Microchip PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32;
  • Atmel AVR8;
  • Softcores: Altera Nios II, Lattice Mico32, EnSilica esi-RISC;
  • TI MSP430;
  • Intel x86;

A complete list of supported devices for ERIKA Enterprise v2 is available here.