ERIKA Enterprise and RT-Druid Features

ERIKA Enterprise

ERIKA Enterprise is an innovative RTOS for small microcontrollers, supporting newest multi- and many-core chips.

Main Benefits:

  • Portable API - The Erika API implements the same API on different microcontrollers.
  • Increased performances - Highly configurable ROM footprint, high efficiency kernel, stack sharing to limit RAM consumption.
  • Multi-core support - Multi-core issues are handled automatically, simplifying the application design and verification.
  • Source code available - Erika Enterprise is available with complete source code!

The main features of ERIKA Enterprise are:

  • Real-time kernel, priority based, with stack sharing for RAM optimization.
  • Minimal multithreading RTOS interface. A minimal configuration of ERIKA Enterprise is typically in the order of 1 to 6 KB of Flash memory.
  • RTOS API for: Tasks, Events, Alarms, Resources, Application modes, Semaphores, Error handling.
  • ERIKA Enterprise has been OSEK/VDX certified. The certification is done against the execution of a number of black-box regression tests for the specific microcontroller, compiler and kernel version.
  • Support for conformance classes (BCC1, BCC2, ECC1, ECC2) to match different application requirements. Additional research conformance classes (FP, EDF, FRSH, HR) are also available.
  • Support for preemptive and non-preemptive multitasking.
  • Support for fixed priority scheduling and Preemption Thresholds.
  • Support for Earliest Deadline First (EDF) scheduling.
  • Support for stack sharing techniques, and one-shot task model to reduce the overall stack usage.
  • Support for shared resources.
  • Support for periodic activations using Alarms.
  • Support for centralized Error Handling.
  • Support for hook functions before and after each context switch.
  • Dual license: GPLv2+Linking Exception (for ERIKA Enterprise v2.x and v3.x), and Commercial (for ERIKA Enterprise v3.x)


RT-Druid is the development environment for ERIKA Enterprise. Based on Eclipse, RT-Druid allows writing, compiling, and  analyzing your application in a comfortable environment.

RT-Druid main features:

  • Development environment based on the Eclipse IDE.
  • Support for the OIL language for the specification of the RTOS configuration.
  • Support the ORTI standard for application debugging and tracing with Lauterbach TRACE32 and iSystem winIDEA debuggers.
  • Rich text editor for OIL configuration file editing.
  • Graphical configuration plugin to easily generate the OIL configuration file and to easily configure the RTOS parameters.
  • Full integration with the Cygwin development environment to provide a Unix-style scripting environment on Windows.