ERIKA3 becomes OpenERIKA


The ERIKA Project has been contributed to the AUTOSAR Association under the name OpenERIKA!


The OpenERIKA project currently includes:

  • OpenERIKA - AUTOSAR OS SC1 implementation, based on the ERIKA3 codebase.
  • OpenDruid - a set of Eclipse plugins based on ARTOP, which are used to configure OpenERIKA.
  • The OpenERIKA Wiki - a set of wiki pages with all information related to the project.
  • Source repositories under the AUTOSAR GitLab.
  • A mailing list hosted by AUTOSAR.


Useful links:



  • OpenERIKA and OpenDruid are available under the AUTOSAR APD License.
  • Universities can access the project for free (they need to join AUTOSAR as Attendee Member).


Previous ERIKA releases:

The previous ERIKA releases and GitLab repo will remain available for download until end of August 2024.


Finally, we would like to thank you for all the support you gave to the ERIKA Project in the latest years, and we hope to see you soon on the OpenERIKA Mailing List!


The ERIKA Team