ERIKA v3 Licensing

Over the years, and especially during the first months of design and development of ERIKA Enterprise v3, Evidence got an increasing number of requests from customers, some of them asking for a commercial (non open-source) licensing of ERIKA Enterprise. This licensing is currently not possible for the version 2 of ERIKA Enterprise, mainly because the codebase is formed by contributions coming by various contributors, and it is de facto impossible to all agree on a relicensing of teh code base. Being ERIKA v3 a complete new code base, we decided to give to those commercial customers the possibility to obtain the source code of the ERIKA Kernel under different licensing terms than the original open-source license.

For that reason, ERIKA v3 is now distributed under a dual licensing scheme, offering the following two licenses:

  • GPLv2 + linking exception license (same as ERIKA v2);
  • Commercial license.

Contributions to the ERIKA v3 codebase will require to sign a contribution agreement, that defines the exact rights that Evidence receives from the contributor planning to submit code to the ERIKA Enterprise Project. In this way, it will be possible for Evidence to redistribute all contributions under the open source license, enabling as well the participation of commercial users in the ERIKA Enterprise project development. As a result, we hope that the project will have an even stronger commitment and diffusion in the embedded industry.

Details of the contribution agreement will be disclosed in a few weeks.

ERIKA v2 Licensing

ERIKA v2 is distributed under the GPLv2 + linking exception license. For more information, please click here.