ERIKA Enterprise porting

Porting the RTOS ERIKA Enterprise to a new microcontroller involves the knowledge of the little details related to compilers, context change functions, registers, interrupts, memory allocation,debuggers and so on. Evidence can help you in customizing ERIKA Enterprise for your needs, adding support for new MCUs, new compilers and debugger configurations, new configurations for the kernel. In addition to the simple porting, Evidence also runs a set of regression tests to guarantee that the system is working properly, and also provides a set of minimal examples to test the kernel on top of an evaluation board of your choice. In addition, we can also provide scripts and other utilities to integrate the kernel inside your compilation workflow, including flattening the ERIKA distribution, adapting the makefiles, supporting your debugger of choice.

Automotive certification

ERIKA Enterprise has been the first open-source RTOS which reached the OSEK/VDX certification on selected architectures. In addition to this, Evidence can provide a qualification of ERIKA Enterprise following additional automotive standards. In particular, Evidence can provide:

Graphical configurators

Thanks to the EFORMS framework, Evidence is able to provide comprehensive graphical configuration tools for ERIKA Enterprise, Device Drivers, as well as custom Device Drivers and Libraries. The graphical configurators are packaged as Eclipse Plugins, and can provide a set of configurable widgets that will allow you to specify complex configuration options. The code generated can be customized, generating not only ERIKA Enterprise OIL files but also other configuration files like .h, .c, .html, and so on.

Drivers development

Evidence has experience on a wide range of device drivers, from simple GPIOs to complex PWM/ADC pairs with integrated DMA. People at Evidence developed device drivers for many architectures (for the automotive, white goods, industrial automation, or custom FPGA based markets), and are able to provide customized implementations following AUTOSAR standards or following customized specifications. We also performed Memory optimizations of custom device drivers as well as integration of those device drivers into customized build toolchains. Evidence also implemented various Boot Loaders following the CCP standard as well as other CAN/Ethernet/Wireless protocols.

System Level configuration and RTE Generator

Evidence has experience in code generation and component-based design and system integration, configuration and calibration. Based on this experience, Evidence can provide you comprehensive customized system-level configuration tools, based on SysML specifications or even Excel files. Evidence is also seeking for customers willing to actively develop customized open-source AUTOSAR RTE Generators, to help closing the gap between commercial and open-source AUTOSAR offerings, all aimed at the availability of a completely open-source AUTOSAR-ready system.

Model based design

Evidence can provide you its expertise in model-based design, ranging from the usage of commercial tools like Mathworks Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow to customized solutions based on E4Coder, the toolset produced by Evidence allowing you to design a discrete time system including parallel state machines, simulate its behavior and generate code including the system architecture.

ERIKA Enterprise Virtual Machines

VM for Freescale PowerPC

This Virtual Machine was done in collaboration with Lauterbach, who provided a demo license of TRACE32 software, and using the GCC compiler.

Virtual Box version*