UpScale SDK

UpScale LogoUpScale SDK is a complete Software Development kit for multi- and many-cores which provides a predictable parallel programming model based on a subset of OpenMP.

UpScale is currently available for Kalray MPPA Bostan, a many-core chip featuring 256 cores organized in clusters of 16 cores each.

The components of UpScale are the following:

Component Short description
Compiler A modified version of the BSC Mercurium Compiler which is able to extract a Direct Acyclic Graph from an OpenMP program.
Analyser An analysis tools which is used to measure the execution time of the code, and together to the Mapper provide the best allocation of the parallel execution on the many-core.
Mapper A mapping tool which is used to provide a proper mapping of the code execution on the various cores. the resulting mapping is then verified against real execution times taken by the Analyser to provide an iterative approach converging to a predicatable implementation.
OpenMP Runtime A top-class minimal Open-MP runtime used to run the application compiled by the Mercurium Compiler. The OpenMP Runtime sits on top of the ERIKA Enterprise v3 RTOS.
ERIKA v3 The minimal RTOS used to run OpenMP applications on a Kalray MPPA Cluster.


More information, as well as download links, are available at the UpScale SDK web page.