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Problem with build example on x86 in Erika 3

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:14 pm
by knightto2112

I'm trying to build example for x86-64, the "Helloworld OSEK demo".
I plan to use image with Xen hypervisor

This is my current setup:
Java JRE (Win 32bit) from:
Eclipse RT-Druid (Win 32bit) from: ... nload.html
Cygwin (Win 32bit) from:

For building Erika Application, I use Windows 10 machine (64bit)
For Cygwin Setup, I followed instructions here: ... tle=Cygwin
For building example, I followed instruction here: ... 6-64_image

While my build is sucess (No Errors), there is no .elf file generated. How can I generate .elf file?