Sep 18, 2018
Category: General

Dear all,

We just released ERIKA3 version GH47!

The changelog is quite rich, and includes among the various things:

  • AUTOSAR OS SC1 features
  • Support for Infineon Tricore AURIX TC23x and TC27x
  • Multicore support for Infineon Tricore AURIX TC27x
  • FPU support for Cortex-M4F CPUs
  • debugging integration for S32 on eclipse (see the wiki page!)
  • MISRA C for microchip dsPIC
  • Eclipse 4.8.0

Click here to download it!


The ERIKA3 Team

Feb 11, 2018
Category: General

We are proud to announce that Evidence has joined the COMASSO Association!

This is a great step forward for Evidence as the COMASSO software stack is complementary to the Evidence AUTOSAR offering, thus allowing Evidence to complement the ERIKA v3 AUTOSAR OS with a set of Basic Software components.

To gather more information about the COMASSO Association check out this page!

Jul 13, 2017
Category: General

A deep analysis about the future of GPU in the Automotive world (and the role of Evidence in that).

Jul 6, 2017
Category: General

In the context of the Horizon 2020 Hercules project

Jul 4, 2017
Category: General

A great achievement for Evidence