Dec 18, 2018
Category: General

Dear all,

We just released ERIKA3 version GH55!

This is quite a big milestone for ERIKA3, as it includes:

  • A Graphical Editor for the OIL File (right click on a OIL File, "Open with", and then "EFORMS Oil Editor")
  • AURIX TC22x, TC26x, TC29x, TC39X support
  • Baremetal x86-64 host platform for hypervisor like XEN
  • AURIX port check on Bugseng Eclair

Finally, from the legal point of view, we enabled the possibility to statically link against the COMASSO Association BSW.
This is the first step towards the possibility of integrating COMASSO BSW Modules inside and ERIKA3 application!

Click here to download the latest version!

Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The ERIKA3 Team

Sep 18, 2018
Category: General

Dear all,

We just released ERIKA3 version GH47!

The changelog is quite rich, and includes among the various things:

  • AUTOSAR OS SC1 features
  • Support for Infineon Tricore AURIX TC23x and TC27x
  • Multicore support for Infineon Tricore AURIX TC27x
  • FPU support for Cortex-M4F CPUs
  • debugging integration for S32 on eclipse (see the wiki page!)
  • MISRA C for microchip dsPIC
  • Eclipse 4.8.0

Click here to download it!


The ERIKA3 Team

Feb 11, 2018
Category: General

We are proud to announce that Evidence has joined the COMASSO Association!

This is a great step forward for Evidence as the COMASSO software stack is complementary to the Evidence AUTOSAR offering, thus allowing Evidence to complement the ERIKA v3 AUTOSAR OS with a set of Basic Software components.

To gather more information about the COMASSO Association check out this page!

Jul 13, 2017
Category: General

A deep analysis about the future of GPU in the Automotive world (and the role of Evidence in that).

Jul 6, 2017
Category: General

In the context of the Horizon 2020 Hercules project

Jul 4, 2017
Category: General

A great achievement for Evidence