May 24, 2019

ERIKA3 Release GH65

Category: General

The ERIKA3 release GH65 is ready for download.

We added various features, here's the changelog:

- Added RH850 G4MH support based on Renesas Embark library
- Introduced spinlocks locking methods (i.e. spinlocks ceiling)
- contrib/infineon: Added CAN driver
- aarch64: Added support in memory for fatfs
Various improvement and fixes.
- tricore: improve linker spport
- cortex-r/ti_awr16xx: Minor fixes
- tricore: Change ERIKA's interface to be includibile by C++ files when TASKING compiler is used
- x86-64: Extended support for intel i210 driver to Jailhouse platform
- more small fixes


The ERIKA3 Team