Free Support

The ERIKA Enterprise project is available to the public in various forms, included an open-source licensing (see the Licensing page for all details).

Evidence, and many other volunteers, do provide free support on the online forum. We think this is a nice giveout to the community. As it is free, we do not give any guarantee over the service level we provide, but we are usually able to answer most questions in a few days. Training is also offered for free, as part of seminars periodically done in various Universities.

In addition to this, Evidence guarantees that ERIKA Enterprise works on a set of development boards (we do this using regression tests integrated in a Jenkins environment). The idea is these boards are useful for building an open-source community on a common hardware platform. For experience, having a common platform for a group of people helped a lot creating a critical mass of software that with time becomes useful in various application fields. We currently do have various universities using the tools, and the boards serve as a basic framework for people to evaluate and use the system.

The community also support companies willing to contribute to the project. As an example, take a look of what Peeble Bay, Infineon technologies, Renesas have done on their respective platforms!

It is great to work on this kind of open-source project, and we are happy helping people using it!