Feb 22, 2019

ERIKA3 Release GH61

Category: Releases

Dear all,

We just released ERIKA3 version GH61!

Again, this is quite a big milestone for ERIKA3, as it includes:

  • Added support Cortex-R architecture. MCU TI AWR 1642
  • Added support for TASKING compiler for Infineon TriCore
  • Added support for Arduino 1.8.8
  • Improved documentation: ERIKA3 AUTOSAR and OSEK/VDX API documented using Doxygen
  • Added support for Infineon AURIX 1G AUTOSAR MCALs
  • Added experimental support for EtherCAT master stack on x86-64
  • Added PCIe driver for Intel i210 on x86-64


Click here to download the latest version!

The ERIKA3 Team