Mar 2, 2017

ERIKA3 preview at Embedded World 2017

Embedded World Fair 2017 in Nuremberg:

  • Evidence Srl, Booth 4-545 - ERIKA 3 as a JailHouse inmate together with Linux, on a NVidia Tegra TX1.
  • Kalray S.A., Booth 4A-330 - UpScale SDK presentation, April 15th at 16:00


Category: Events

Please come and visit us at Embedded World Fair in Nuremberg, Booth 4-545!

We are going to show a demo of ERIKA 3 composed by the following components:

  • JailHouse Hypervisor, running on the NVidia Tegra TX1;
  • Linux as a JailHouse inmate, hosting a Qt application with a dashboard displayed on a FullHD display;
  • ERIKA Enterprise v3, running as a JailHouse inmate, controlling a DC motor with a simulated PWM done with GPIOS, and an encoder;

 Moreover, A demonstration of the UpScale SDK running on top of Kalray MPPA Bostan will be available at the Kalray booth, 4A-330, Wednesday April 15th at 16:00.