Sep 28, 2017

Evidence at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference

In Munich, the 10th October

Category: Events

The 10th of October Paolo Gai, Evidence's CEO, along with Marko Bertogna, professor at university of Modena, will have a talk in Munich at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference about: ACHIEVING REAL-TIME GUARANTEES ON NVIDIA EMBEDDED PLATFORMS.

High-performance embedded platforms, like Nvidia Parker and upcoming Xavier architecture, have the potential of revolutionizing traditional safety-critical domains, where innovative automotive and avionic applications are being proposed to safely replace human activities. However, these domains require sound guarantees be given not only on the functional correctness but also on the timing delays of the critical activities, according to well defined safety standards (e.g., ISO26262).
In this talk, we will explain how predictability can be achieved on inherently unpredictable multi-core systems, analyzing the main timing bottlenecks of these challenging platforms, and presenting a holistic framework that aims at overcoming them to achieve predictable performance.


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