ERIKA Enterprise for dsPIC 1.5.0 ALPHA released!

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ERIKA Enterprise for dsPIC 1.5.0 ALPHA released!

Post by paolo.gai » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:02 pm

Dear All,

We just released the first alpha version of RT-Druid and ERIKA Enterprise 1.5.0.

Please do not use it in production... but just for testing the new features we are inserting.

The final release of 1.5.0 is planned in May.

This version is the collective effort of many people in Evidence and in the ReTiS Lab in Pisa (a special Thanks to Nino, Christian, nicola, Michele, and Paolo!).

It includes a set of new features which are
- the new version of RT-Druid, completely modularized, which will be released open soon
- new libraries / updates to existing libraries (serial console for dsPIC, zigbee, MiWi, USB) (some of them will be shipped with the RC1 version planned in April)
- software updates through the Eclipse plugin manager
- new directory structure (due to the eclipse plugins)
- many other refinements on the ERIKA Enterprise codebase and to the examples.

Please report any problem you may have to the Evidence Forum!

Important note: the file is not hosted on the default web server as the rest of the Evidence web site, and for this reason you may experience a slow download!



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