ERIKA 3 first version released as part of the UpScale SDK

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ERIKA 3 first version released as part of the UpScale SDK

Post by paolo.gai » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:59 pm

Dear all,

As announced some time ago, we are pleased to announce the first release of ERIKA 3 for Kalray MPPA!

It is part of the UpScale SDK,

...which is the SDK resulting from the P-SOCRATES FP7 Research project, that financed most of the reengineering of this version of ERIKA

This first version:
- includes all the needed support to run OpenMP on the Kalray MPPA 16 core clusters.
- includes both a limited-preemption and a global scheduler to schedule OpenMP tasks, and as well it includes a "job" abstraction used to activate a set of tasks on all cores.
- it does not yet include the "usual" OSEK/VDX/AUTOSAR API, which will be added during these months.
- includes the ERIKA3 HAL structure (but note that for MISRA and AUTOSAR compliance function names are likely to change)

The released version is currently available on the same license of ERIKA v2, which is GPL2+Linking Exception (with the addition of the possibility for a commercial relicensing).

Feedback of as usual welcome!

The next release, planned for the Embedded World, will include more features, including a rewrite of RT-Druid, new standalone makefiles, support for AVR and other architectures... so stay tuned!


The ERIKA Team

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