Updated ERIKA Enterprise and Scilab/Scicos support

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Updated ERIKA Enterprise and Scilab/Scicos support

Post by paolo.gai » Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:47 pm

Dear all,

We just released a new version of ERIKA Enterprise, with the support for the latest Scilab 4.1.2 code generator.

A short message to thank Simone, Nino, Roberto, and Francesco for their help in supporting the release of this version of the tool!!!

And...we now have more than 100 blocks which can be used for code generation!

Be aware that the Scilab schematics made for 4.1.1 WILL NOT work with Scilab 4.1.2. This because a big name change in the various block functions. From Scilab 4.1.2 on we will guarantee backward compatibility in the code generation (especially with the release of the next Scilab 5.0).