Problem building an ERIKA project

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Problem building an ERIKA project

Post by antperlag » Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:19 am


I am working in a project using ERIKAv3 and NXP S32K144 evaluation board.

When I build the project after cleaning ERIKA, many uselss files are compiled and Doxygen documentation is generated and I do not want it, I only need to build the files and libraries used in the project.

How can I configure the .oil file parameters in order to avoid it?

Thans in advance,

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Re: Problem building an ERIKA project

Post by e.guidieri » Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:36 am


I don't know what you mean with
many uselss files are compiled
but for your problem with documentation, this is the solution

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Re: Problem building an ERIKA project

Post by antperlag » Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:57 am

Thanks for your answer.

I mean all of these files, in my project I don't need most of it:

Code: Select all

12:46:10 **** Incremental Build of configuration Default for project BSW ****
make all 
make[1]: Entering directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/antpe/ONEDRI~1/5SOFTW~1/BSW/BSW_S3~1/BSW/erika'
make[2]: Entering directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/antpe/ONEDRI~1/5SOFTW~1/BSW/BSW_S3~1/BSW/erika'
* Erika Enterprise Libraries build... *
CC   adc_driver.c
CC   clock_manager.c
CC   clock_S32K1xx.c
CC   cmp_driver.c
CC   cmp_hw_access.c
CC   crc_driver.c
CC   crc_hw_access.c
CC   csec_driver.c
CC   csec_hw_access.c
CC   edma_driver.c
CC   edma_hw_access.c
CC   edma_irq.c
CC   eim_driver.c
CC   eim_hw_access.c
CC   erm_driver.c
CC   erm_hw_access.c
CC   ewm_driver.c
CC   flash_driver.c
CC   flexcan_driver.c
CC   flexcan_hw_access.c
CC   flexcan_irq.c
CC   flexio_common.c
CC   flexio_i2c_driver.c
CC   flexio_i2s_driver.c
CC   flexio_spi_driver.c
CC   flexio_uart_driver.c
CC   ftm_common.c
CC   ftm_hw_access.c
CC   ftm_ic_driver.c
CC   ftm_mc_driver.c
CC   ftm_oc_driver.c
CC   ftm_pwm_driver.c
CC   ftm_qd_driver.c
CC   interrupt_manager.c
CC   lin_common.c
CC   lin_driver.c
CC   lin_irq.c
CC   lpi2c_driver.c
CC   lpi2c_hw_access.c
CC   lpi2c_irq.c
CC   lpit_driver.c
CC   lpspi_hw_access.c
CC   lpspi_irq.c
CC   lpspi_master_driver.c
CC   lpspi_shared_function.c
CC   lpspi_slave_driver.c
CC   lptmr_driver.c
CC   lptmr_hw_access.c
CC   lin_lpuart_driver.c
CC   lpuart_driver.c
CC   lpuart_hw_access.c
CC   lpuart_irq.c
CC   mpu_driver.c
CC   mpu_hw_access.c
CC   pdb_driver.c
CC   pdb_hw_access.c
CC   pins_driver.c
CC   pins_port_hw_access.c
CC   power_manager.c
CC   power_manager_S32K1xx.c
CC   power_pmc_hw_access.c
CC   power_rcm_hw_access.c
CC   power_smc_hw_access.c
CC   rtc_driver.c
CC   rtc_hw_access.c
CC   rtc_irq.c
CC   trgmux_driver.c
CC   trgmux_hw_access.c
CC   wdog_driver.c
CC   wdog_hw_access.c
CC   ee3_s32sdk_osif.c
CC   startup.c
CC   system_S32K144.c
AR   libs32sdk.a
* S32 SDK Library built successfully! *
CC   ee_s32k1xx_intvect.c
AS   ee_cortex_m_asm.S
AS   ee_cortex_m_irq_asm.S
CC   ee_cortex_m_irqstub.c
CC   ee_cortex_m_system.c
CC   ee_cortex_m_change_context.c
CC   ee_oo_api_osek.c
CC   ee_oo_sched_entry_points.c
CC   ee_oo_scheduler.c
CC   ee_oo_kernel.c
CC   ee_oo_sched_partitioned.c
CC   ee_std_change_context.c
CC   ee_oscfg.c
AR   libee.a
* Erika Enterprise Libraries built successfully! *
make[2]: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/antpe/ONEDRI~1/5SOFTW~1/BSW/BSW_S3~1/BSW/erika'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/antpe/ONEDRI~1/5SOFTW~1/BSW/BSW_S3~1/BSW/erika'
make[1]: Entering directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/antpe/OneDrive - UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA/5 Software/BSW/bsw_s32k144_rt-druid/BSW/out'
* Erika Enterprise Application build... *
CC   ee_applcfg.c
AS   startup_S32K144.S
CC   IOHwAb.c
CC   clockMan1.c
CC   code.c
CC   flexTimer_ic1.c
CC   flexTimer_pwm1.c
CC   lpuart1.c
CC   lpuart2.c
CC   pin_mux.c
CC   task.c
LD   erika3app.elf
   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
  18184	   3860	   3080	  25124	   6224	erika3app.elf
EEP  erika3app.elf
HEX  erika3app.elf
LSS  erika3app.elf
SREC erika3app.elf
* Erika Enterprise Application built successfully! *
make[1]: Leaving directory '/cygdrive/c/Users/antpe/OneDrive - UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA/5 Software/BSW/bsw_s32k144_rt-druid/BSW/out'

12:47:41 Build Finished. 0 errors, 0 warnings. (took 1m:31s.196ms)
Is there any way to avoid building useless files and libraries?

I hope you understand me.


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Re: Problem building an ERIKA project

Post by paolo.gai » Fri Jul 26, 2019 12:19 pm

You need to remove the S32 library in the OIL file...

(not sure whether our demos will work, because they rely on those libraries)


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