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Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:00 pm
by klausiinc

is it possible to use the flex-code generation for other micro-controllers then the dsPIC?
If yes, which files would have to be modified?

thanks already for any responses!

Re: Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:39 pm
by paolo.gai

I guess you are referring to the Scicos-FLEX code generator and not to the E4Coder Generator (both can generate code for the dsPIC).

Yes, it is possible...

We inserted some time ago some instruction at the following link... just check it out! ... LEX_boards


Re: Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:34 am
by klausiinc
Thanks for the fast reply! :D
I already knew the site you posted, so if I want to use the flex-codegeneration for another microcontroller do I still have to put the template into the examples/pic30/ directory?
another thing I wonder is, what does the <category> tag in the template.xml file mean?

We are building a board for automation purposes at school as the final year project and we want to make it possible to be programmed with scicos and erika-enterprise :)
As microcontroller we are using the lpc1768 cortex-m3 from nxp. So first we will also have to adapt rt-Druid to support the microcontroller.

Re: Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:39 pm
by paolo.gai

Nice project!

The template must stay inside the "examples" directory. Make it somethink like "examples/cortexm3/XXXX" or similar, where XXX is the name of the template.

The "Category" is the path under which the template is available when you make "New Project", see Figure ... oject2.png

About the Cortex M3 porting... Many things have already been done for Cortex M0 and M4. Please also follow the Porting guide available on the wiki: ... controller

When you follow the steps, do the initial part of the work without RT-Druid. When you have a working system, then we'll add together the options for your board in the OIL file specification...

Have a nice weekend,


Re: Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:33 pm
by klausiinc
thank you very much for the help!

I will post again when we have made some progress ;)

Re: Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:23 am
by klausiinc

we are having some problems with the porting. we first wanted to try the porting example from the s12xs and found some strange problems

we set the directory in cygwin to the monostack EEtest0 debug file and then tried the make all command but then we received this error:
cygpath: cannot create short name of /cygdrive/c/Evidence/eclipse_160_old/plugins/ 6.0.20111115_1040/ee_files
we then deleted the "-ms" option in the cygpath commands but the we got this error:
no such file or directory /cygdrive/c/Evidence/eclipse_160_old/plugins/ 6.0.20111115_1040/ee_files/pkg/cfg/
we then changed the path in the makefile to match our location of the file and still got the error:
no such file or directory /cygdrive/c/Evidence/eclipse/plugins/
but the file exists and the path is correct :'(

another error occures when we start scicosLab, during the loading of the flex plug-in this message:
link failed for dll C:\PROGRA~1\SCICOS~1.1\contrib\scicos_ee\scicos_flex\dspic\Flex-Sim\Release\libflexsim.dll
ease\libflexsim.dll', comp_fun, 'c')
!--error 236
link: the shared archive was not loaded
at line 97 of exec file called by :
exec(EESCI_DSPIC_PATH + "/Flex-Sim/loader.sce");
at line 84 of exec file called by :
at line 259 of exec file called by :
we are not sure if this is a serious problem?
could this be the reason for an error when using the flex-code generator for dsPIC, we get his error-message:

Code: Select all

./ line 36: gcc: commamd not found
and then it also doesn't find the conf.oil

we have no idea how to continue and it would be great if we could get some help! ;)

Re: Other micro-controllers?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:07 am
by paolo.gai
There are a few issues in this post :-) I'll try to give some answer to help...

- please note that the porting examples are there as a reference. Being committed while the developed was working on it, there may be references to non existing paths. Whenever you found them, we will be happy to fix them... We do not catch these sometimes because the regression tests made in Evdience currently does not cover all the architectures (we do not have the licenses for all compilers as some compilers were users by other contributors).

- About ScicosLab: please check that you installed Vistal Studio express edition 2008 (support for 2010 and maybe 2012 will come in the next version of the Scicos Pack)

- About the errors with Cygpath: The first errors were because of a non-existent file or directory (in particular eclipse_160_old)

- the last error says "no such file or directory". It means that the file in the path does not exist. I guess the problem is in the plugin names. For example, on my machine I have installed a quite recent version, and the plugins have the dates which are and . Please check that the numbers are correct... also it is probably worth an update of the plugins (the latest version published is ...).

- About the missing gcc. Please install Cygwin from , in particular from ... . then go in the Cygwin page (, download setup.exe and do an update of the packages (just to be sure).

I hope it helps.