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problem flashing for TC297TF

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:14 am
by amitdey1314
As, the MCU MODEL allowed to use is TC27x (even though i am using TC297TF), the linker script selected by Default is for TC27x and by this i am running into low Flash Memory Problem when trying to include libraries. Therefore, i modified the linker script file and Extended the core Flash memories to 2M and 3M as per our application Needs. After the modification the build process was successful but the Problem now i am facing is while trying to Flash the program into Flash using Lauterbach Flash script.

I believe the Flash script also Needs to be modified, as it is by Default for TC27x.

Could you please suggest any Lauterbach Flash script that would work in this case. Or any ideas what exactly to Change in the Default Flash script.